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Heritage properties

Vitterhetsakademien owns and manages five heritage properties: Rettig House in Villagatan in Stockholm, Stjernsund Castle in Närke, Skånelaholm Castle in Uppland, Stensjö in Småland and Borg with the ringfort of Gråborg and the Chapel of St Knut on Öland.

The Academy’s heritage properties reflect Sweden’s changing history and social realities: a middle-class home from the turn of the last century, a former royal castle unchanged since the 1850s, a country mansion with a large collection of Swedish folk art, a Småland hamlet with a historic layout and a living tradition of agriculture and forestry, and an Öland farm with the ruins of a castle and a medieval chapel.

All Vitterhetsakademien’s heritage properties are open to visitors.

Conservation and management

The Academy’s mission for Borg and Stensjö is to ensure the preservation and use of the properties and traditional agricultural landscape. The land is farmed today as it was farmed in the nineteenth century, without pesticides or artificial fertilisers, shallow ploughing, and grazed by traditional breeds such as Swedish Red Polled cattle, Rya sheep, and Hälsinge sheep, which keeps the landscape open. Pre-industrial farming methods are key to the preservation of habitat and species, and show younger generations how Sweden’s farming community once lived.

Stjernsund Castle and Skånelaholm Castle, magnificent buildings furnished with the art of the old elites, were shaped by the strongly hierarchical communities that lived there.

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